Tarryn Tranquility Foster, ND 

with Dr. Tarryn Tranquility Foster, N.D.

There is an art to transforming ones life.  Addressing your health concerns, finding balanced ways of existing in the world and discovering ones truth is a creative adventure that requires releasing ones resistance to change. At the core of this magnificent opportunity is the chance to leave old patterns behind, find a life of joy and creativity, see the beauty within and establish harmony of the seen and unseen aspects of self.  All dis-ease and imbalance originates from energetic fields with which we interact daily whether we are aware or unaware of its presence.  Our energy bodies need as much attention as our physical selves and without harmony between the two, disturbances in energetic fields contribute to illness of the spirit, mind, emotions and body.

hat to Expect from Your Art of Transformation Sessions:

  • Bioenergetic analysis will help assess any imbalances that are currently contributing to your health issues and may not have been detected.  Working with this data helps to prevent illnesses that have not manifested physically and balance out any distorted frequencies that may be contributing to challenging concerns.
  • Self-help techniques, mind/body/spirit information, and overall natural health and wellness services to those who desire harmony and balance in their lives.  The goal is to assist you in gaining a greater understanding of yourself and the whole body impact any health concerns may be creating. 
  • Dr. Foster will assess your current lifestyle, eating habits and overall concerns and make recommendations on how you can improve your quality of life.    
  • You will release old soul patterns that block your ability to live in the now, connect to your creativity and find a life that is supportive of your true purpose.  
  • Receive ancient shamanic activations that open the gateway to your ability to co-create with the universe instead of living outside the flow of abundance, protection and opportunity.  These help you stand in your power and claim your original soul blueprint of divine perfection and health.   
  • Anchor your light energy body so that you remain grounded and focused on living and fulfilling your true mission.

5 Stages of Transformation:

Stage One (Dancing with the Body three-four weeks):
You will have an opportunity to address all the issues you may be facing physically and pinpoint how it is hendering any area of your life. We will work as a team to create a new way of thinking and feeling about your body and its reason for being as it has been.  

Stage Two (Dancing with Anger three weeks):
Not everyone is willing to admit the pain and anger that keeps them from creating a better life.  It isn't easy to change the course of one's life unless the time is devoted to releasing anger as a core manifestation of dis-ease.  Besides fear, anger is a place that many people put the life they wish they had in limbo. These will be workbook activities and any coaching needs will be discussed for session times. 

Stage Three (Dancing with the Shadow/Hidden Exploration six weeks):

After one 2-hour session you will be excited to learn about hidden concerns that you may have previously been unaware of.  After five 1-hour sessions you will have the tools necessary to implement change.  Although transforming is a life long process, there are initial steps that can be taken to help you put action into practice.  You must move into awareness before you can release.

Stage Four (Dancing in Passion for two weeks):
This dance with the self will help you identify what it is you desire to include in the life you are creating and transforming.  Before the releasing stage, it is key that you identify and understand what you are desiring to replace the issues you are giving up and over to a higher purpose and a plan of co-creation.  We will utilize the same techniques of combined coaching and workbook activities.

Stage Five (The Dance of Releasing  and Co-Creation for three weeks):
After three 1-hour sessions you will have had an opportunity to let go of some old paradigms and begin to put new lifestyle practices into place.  This stage allows you to open to the possibilities that are arising and give full attention to those things that have been blocking the most important aspects of yourself.  Being in balance sets the stage for opening to receiving the gift of co-creation.

After another three 1-hour sessions you will have moved into a space of embodying that aspect of yourself you have set out to transform.  The universe provides everything necessary to recreate ourselves over and over and is an active support and participant in helping us accomplish our deepest desires and dreams.  By this stage you can confidently apply the art of transforming to other areas of your life and truly begin living a Tranquil Lifestyle.

Each of you may already
be in different stages of the journey.  If you feel the need to bypass a stage because you have danced that dance and desire to transform in any of the other three areas, you may do so.  We can access together which part of the journey is most supportive and begin there.






Other Coaching Sessions Available:

Eating Healthy Programs

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If your interested in the Journey or other wellness lifestyle coaching programs or for more information contact:

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Phone: 818-415-7398 to schedule appointments, phone or e-mail consultations and for information about workshops.  Dr. Foster is available for events and speaking engagements. 



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